A Bright New Day


I've plotted from the very beginning of Mindful Wealth to eventually add tax planning and estate planning to our list of services, and I'm excited to announce that that day has finally come. For a complete look, visit the services page of the website (click here) or view the booklet below. But, for the purposes of this announcement, here's an overview:

  • We will adopt a far more simple fee schedule: 1% up to $2M; .25% on additional amounts.
  • Clients with investments exceeding $750,000 receive investment & financial planning, tax planning, and estate planning. Those under $750K can add tax and estate planning for an additional fee.
  • Tax planning and estate planning will be provided by outside partners of Mindful Wealth (if special circumstances require staying with your prior CPA or attorney, let's chat about that).

I couldn't be any more excited to make this official. I've dreamt of consolidating and coordinating all of the tax and estate planning tasks that otherwise become a burden to clients for many years.

Click the booklet below for a detailed look:

In addition to new services...

We'll also be expanding our current financial planning process to include custom mapping, which you can see on pages 4 and 5 of the booklet above. These are designed to make our discussions around your goals more engaging and interactive. Just as with every other aspect of our process, our hope is to increase the odds that you achieve your goals.