Independence Day

"Find a mutual fund to invest in, and never touch that money again. Someday you'll be rich."

I was 15 years old when I heard that from our family dentist during my semi-annual visit to his office for a checkup. That's the first advice I can remember on savings or investing. How often do you discuss money with your dentist? Even though the source might seem a little unlikely, it meant a lot to me that he cared enough to offer his input.

I had just started my first job as a busser in an italian restaurant, and I spent that summer working as much as possible while I was off from school. I was fascinated by how easy it was to earn money and watch it pile up. The combination of working every waking hour and not even having a driver's license meant that I had no opportunity to spend the money. I had certainly brought in a little money before working in our family businesses and other odd jobs, but this was my first experience accumulating what seemed at the time like real wealth.

In addition to opening a checking account, I somehow knew there was more I should do. By the time school started in the fall, I had stashed away nearly $3,000, so I started asking for opinions from family and friends on what to do next. I remember thinking that the conversation with our family dentist left me with such an obvious answer to my question, but I never followed through.

Fast forward to today, and here I am launching my own investment business, Mindful Wealth. The real lesson for me when I look back on that experience at age 15 was that I needed someone to push me forward and help me take action. That's it. And that's what I'll be doing here. With services for a wide range of clients, I look forward to helping people of many backgrounds get their own savings and investment plan in place.

Questions about how this works? Don't hesitate to call or e-mail.