Jeff Snodgrass

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Mindful Wealth is founded on the belief that personal relationships matter. The majority of my time is spent ensuring that I know as much about your situation as you do (or more). If you're new to the world of professional financial planning, it's fair to point out that much of the financial services industry focuses their attention elsewhere.




I'm blessed with 4 ladies in my life and a baby boy: Melissa, my wife, and Maria, Celine, Ruth & Joe. Melissa and I met at Saint Louis University and married in 2010. We now live back in St. Louis after spending part of ‘17 and ‘18 in my wife’s hometown, Du Quoin, IL.

Pictures by Stephanie Poiter

Some interesting things

We lost my mom, Mary, in the summer of '15 to breast cancer, but one important lesson she taught us before leaving was to always embrace hobbies. She had more hobbies than we could list and still enjoyed every chance she had to explore new ones. Some of my favorites are cooking, handy work, and playing the piano. To expand my experience with handy work, I organize build days for family and friends with Habitat for Humanity.


I graduated from Saint Louis University with a B.S. in Business Administration, emphasis in Entrepreneurship. During my time at SLU I was a member of the Zeta Tau chapter of Beta Theta Pi, and I'm still involved today on the board of the local Beta Theta Pi alumni club.


It's in our blood. My parents started us off with a retail embroidery shop, called Designs in Thread, next to the infamous St. Louis frozen custard place in the 80s, and that grew into a commercial enterprise that ran for over 3 decades. My dad still carries on the tradition in the same industry. My two brothers have also blazed their own paths in real estate and the growing equine industry in China.